1986 Fleer Basketball Complete Set Randomized Break - SOLD OUT

  • The big hit of the break, a gorgeous BGS 8.5 #57 Jordan RC with a PWCC Above Average sticker on the back!
  • The Jordan sticker is graded SGC 7!
  • Four stunning PSA 8 examples including three more HOF RCs!
  • The set is loaded with HOF'ers and high grade cards
  • More high grades & HOF'ers in SGC tuxes!
  • Another pic of the Jordan!
  • The back of the Jordan as a PWCC Above Average sticker. From PWCC: ABOVE AVERAGE (PWCC-A) = TOP 30% ABOVE AVERAGE eye appeal to the professional grade.

In the opinion of PWCC Marketplace, LLC, the offered vintage trading card has eye appeal and overall presentation above what is average to the assigned professional grade. On average, cards which receive our Above Average designation possess qualities inherent to approximately the top 70-85% of all examples of this specific trading card, assessed at this specific professional grade level.


143 Spots Total. Each Spot receives a random card from the 1986 Fleer Basketball complete set.
Spots can be purchased here, or claimed in our Facebook Group. Please request to join if you'd like to see the break ran live!
The big hit is of course the remarkable BGS 8.5 #57 Michael Jordan RC! It's a wonderful example that was given three 9-9.5 subgrades by Beckett and also awarded a PWCC Above Average sticker for the grade.
The 1986 Fleer Basketball set was the first major basketball card set released after Topps stopped production following their 1981 issue. As a result, 1986 Fleer Basketball is absolutely loaded with HOF RCs that share the set's iconic design.
Other great hits include:
  • SGC 7 #8 Michael Jordan Sticker HOF RC
  • PSA 8 #7 Charles Barkley HOF RC
  • PSA 8 #27 Joe Dumars HOF RC
  • PSA 8 #32 Patrick Ewing HOF RC
  • PSA 8 #82 Akeem Olajuwon HOF RC
  • PSA 6 #26 Clyde Drexler HOF RC
  • PSA 6 #68 Karl Malone HOF RC
  • PSA 6 #77 Chris Mullin HOF RC
  • PSA 6 #109 Isiah Thomas HOF RC
  • PSA 5 #121 Dominique Wilkins HOF RC
  • PSA 7 #131 James Worthy HOF RC
The full checklist with conditions of each card is here:
How it Works
For those not familiar with breaks, participants purchase a spot which guarantees them one random card from the set.
After we fill the list of participants and payments are collected, the list will be randomized and each spot will be assigned a random card from the set. A spot will hit the Jordan #57 RC, a spot will hit the Larry Bird sticker, ect.
The randomizer will use 2 dice with a 9 roll minimum, and will be performed by a trusted video runner live. Video recording and randomizer results will also be posted immediately after results are completed.
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Additional Information

1986 Fleer Basketball
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