N31 World's Dudes

N31 World's Dudes

Abide the Rough Corners: 1888 N31 Allen & Ginter World's Dudes Tobacco Cards

Step into a time capsule of dapper gentlemen and global cool with the captivating 1888 N31 World's Dudes tobacco card set by Allen & Ginter. This collection of 50 vibrantly colored lithographic cards offers a unique glimpse into the diverse world of "dudes" – the late 19th century's answer to cool cats and stylish gents.

A Global Gallery of Dapperness:

  • Dudes from Everywhere: Journey beyond national borders and meet dudes from across the globe, each meticulously illustrated in their traditional attire, showcasing the diverse expressions of style and swagger from around the world.
  • Sporting Firsts: Though primarily non-sports, the set boasts two coveted cards featuring a generic boxer and tennis player, marking early depictions of these sports on tobacco cards and making them highly sought-after by collectors.
  • Other Athletic Delights: Keep your eyes peeled for additional cards showcasing minor sports like yachting, polo, and rowing.

Owning an 1888 N31 World's Dudes card is owning a piece of cultural history. Each card represents a style, a place, and a moment in time, sparking curiosity about the world's diverse expressions of cool. So, channel your inner dude, step out of your element and tie the room together with one dapper dude portrait at a time!