Piedmont-Back T206 Cards: The Core of an Iconic Set

Own a piece of baseball history with iconic Piedmont-back T206 cards. Piedmont-backs represent nearly half of all T206s in circulation. Their vibrant diagonal layout and the impressive list of subjects instantly captures collector interest.

Why Choose Piedmont-Back T206 Cards?

  • Unmatched Design and History: The eye-catching diagonal layout stands out among other T206 back variations, adding a unique charm to your collection.
  • Relative Availability: Compared to rarer back variations, Piedmont-back T206 cards offer a more accessible entry point into collecting this legendary set.
  • Four Distinct Variations: Uncover the subtle differences between the 1909, 1910, and 1911 back variations, including two factory variations (No. 25 & No. 42) for the 1911 edition, adding depth and intrigue to your pursuit.
  • A Gateway to T206 Collecting: Piedmont-back T206 cards offer a cost-effective way to start building your T206 collection, featuring a wide range of players and iconic designs.

Experience the thrill of the hunt, the joy of discovery, and the timeless appeal of vintage baseball with the captivating world of Piedmont-back T206 cards.