N14 Government & State Capital Buildings

N14 Government & State Capital Buildings

A Historic Tour of America's Architectural Landmarks: 1889 N14 Government & State Capital Buildings Tobacco Cards

Embark on a captivating journey through American history and architecture with the iconic 1889 N14 Allen & Ginter General Government and State Capital Buildings tobacco card set. Issued in 1889, this collection of 50 vibrant chromolithograph cards offers a unique glimpse into the architectural heritage of the United States at a pivotal time.

A Window into America's Past:

  • Explore 50 Architectural Gems: Witness the grandeur of state capital buildings from across the nation, each meticulously illustrated in vivid detail, capturing the distinct architectural styles and regional identities of the young country.
  • Beyond State Lines: Delve into the heart of Washington, D.C., encountering iconic landmarks like the National Museum, the Capitol Building, and the White House (President's House), gaining a deeper understanding of the nation's seat of power.
  • The Birth of Two States: In 1889 North Dakota and South Dakota gained statehood; this set depicts the late Dakota Territory which had it's capitol in Bismark.

Owning an 1889 N14 Allen & Ginter Government & State Capital Buildings card is owning a piece of American history. Each card represents a state or a city, and a moment in time, sparking curiosity about the nation's past and its architectural legacy.