N9 Flags of All Nations

N9 Flags of All Nations

A World of Discovery: the 1887 N9 Allen & Ginter Flags of All Nations Tobacco Card Set

Embark on a global adventure with the captivating 1887 N9 Allen & Ginter Flags of All Nations tobacco card set. Issued in 1887 by the iconic Allen & Ginter brand, this set consisting of 48 colorful cards offers a vibrant window into the world's nations at the dawn of globalization.

Unveiling a World in Motion:

  • Flags as Symbols: Witness the national flags of 48 countries, each meticulously illustrated in vivid chromolithography, capturing the pride and identity of diverse cultures.
  • Beyond Borders: Discover not just European powerhouses, but also lesser-known nations from across the globe, sparking curiosity and wanderlust in the hearts of collectors.
  • Vintage Charm: Delight in the nostalgic appeal of these antique cards, adorned with intricate borders and charmingly faded colors, adding a touch of vintage chic to any collection.

Owning an 1887 N9 Allen & Ginter Flags of All Nations card is owning a piece of history. Each card represents a nation, a culture, and a moment in time, sparking curiosity about the world and our place within it. So, unfurl your imagination and set sail on an international voyage through these captivating cards, one vibrant flag at a time!