T51 College Series

T51 College Series

Represent Your School with T51 Murad College Series Cards (1909-1912)

The T51 Murad College Series, issued from 1909 to 1912, offers a captivating glimpse into the early days of college sports in America through stunning vintage cards. More than just collectibles, these miniature treasures are a window into a bygone era, boasting unique features and historical significance.

The Quest for a Master Set:

  • More that just Basketball: While the set is well known for it's six-early Basketball cards [Williams College (3 variations), Northwestern University (2 variations), Luther College, Xavier College], the set represents a wide variety of sports and a diversity of still operating schools.
  • Artistic Works: Each card represents a different player or team with vibrant chromolithograph that brings the players and team colors to life with remarkable detail and charm.
  • 225 and Beyond: For discerning collectors, the ultimate challenge lies in gathering the 25 additional number variations and rare printing errors, creating a truly comprehensive collection.

These cards represent the formative years of college sports in America that have captivated millions worldwide, offering a tangible connection to the past. So, lace up your collecting shoes and embark on your own journey through the T51 Murads, one vintage card at a time!