N25 Wild Animals of the World

N25 Wild Animals of the World

1888 Allen & Ginter N25 Wild Animals of the World: Capturing Creatures in Miniature

Step into a bygone era of exploration and animal fascination with the captivating 1888 N25 "Wild Animals of the World" set. These miniature treasures, measuring a mere 2.75" x 1.5", were more than just cigarette advertisements for Allen & Ginter; they were vibrant windows into the animal kingdom, captivating Victorian-era collectors with their whimsical charm and detailed artistry.

Zoological Glimpses in Vivid Colors:

  • 50 Animal Encounters: From the majestic tiger's piercing gaze to the playful monkey's mischievous grin, each card showcases a different creature's head in stunning chromolithographic detail.
  • A Peek into History: These cards offer a glimpse into late 19th-century fascination with "exotic" species and the burgeoning field of animal illustration.
  • Budget-Friendly Treasures: Compared to pricier antique artifacts, these cards offer a budget-friendly way to own a piece of history and delve into the captivating world of vintage collectibles.

Ignite your sense of exploration with the 1888 N25 "Wild Animals of the World" set. Collect them all, build your miniature menagerie, and experience the timeless beauty of these animal encounters.