N29 The World's Champions

N29 The World's Champions

Admire Athletic Excellence with 1888 N29 Allen & Ginter World's Champions Tobacco Cards

Hurl yourself back to the golden age of sports with the captivating 1888 N29 Allen & Ginter World's Champions tobacco card set. Issued as the second "World's Champions" series to promote their iconic cigarettes, this collection of 50 beautifully illustrated cards celebrates the best athletes of the era, offering a glimpse into a past where grit, grace, and handlebar mustaches reigned supreme.

Victors Beyond Baseball:

  • More Than Diamonds: While baseball legends like James Ryan and Hall of Famer Buck Ewing take center stage, the set encompasses a diverse range of champions, from cyclists and skaters to tennis players and pole vaulters.
  • A Historical Chronicle: Immerse yourself in a time when sports were transitioning from amateur pursuits to professional spectacles, with these cards serving as a fascinating historical document of early athletic heroes.
  • Exquisitely Crafted: Each 1.5" x 2.75" card boasts stunning chromolithography, showcasing intricate details, vibrant colors, and lifelike expressions, making the set a visual feast for the eyes.

Owning an 1888 N29 World's Champions card is owning a piece of sporting history. Each card represents a champion, a sport, and a moment in time, sparking curiosity about forgotten athletic feats. So, channel your inner champion and embark on a journey through these captivating cards, where victory is in the hands of the beholder!