Old Mill

Old Mill

Unearth Millstone Moments with Old Mill Backed T206 Cards

Step into a bygone era of towering smokestacks with captivating Old Mill backed T206 cards. These unique gems, featuring the iconic "Old Mill Cigarettes" advertisement on their reverse, offer a distinct blend of vintage charm, historical intrigue, and the thrill of owning a slice of baseball history.

Uncover a Legacy in Ink:

  • Standard & Southern League Backs: The standard Old Mill back simply states "Base Ball Subjects Large Assortment," while the Southern League variation whispers tales of regional competition with its "Base Ball Series selection" listing the Southern, South Atlantic, Texas and Virginia Leagues.
  • Brown vs. Black: Brace yourself for the rarest of treasures - the Old Mill back printed in rich brown. Unlike the more common black, this variation stands as a beacon of scarcity, making it one of the most coveted backs in the entire T206 set.
  • Spark Curiosity: Owning an Old Mill backed T206 card is a conversation starter, inviting discussions about regional leagues, vintage branding and advertising, and the evolution of baseball across the decades.

Owning an Old Mill backed T206 card is owning a piece of baseball card collecting history. Each card represents a legend, a story, and a moment in time, inviting you to explore the regional nuances of baseball history alongside the iconic faces of the sport.