N22 Racing Colors of the World

N22 Racing Colors of the World

Saddle Up for a Global Trot with 1888 N22 Allen & Ginter Racing Colors of the World Tobacco Cards

Gallop back to a time of thundering hooves and vibrant silks with the captivating 1888 N22 Allen & Ginter Racing Colors of the World tobacco card set. Issued to promote their cigarettes, this collection of 50 stunning chromolithographs showcases the dazzling jockeys and racing colors from around the globe, offering a unique glimpse into the international equestrian scene of the late 19th century.

A Kaleidoscope of Silks and Steeds:

  • Global Parade of Champions: Witness a vibrant tapestry of colors and cultures as jockeys from 50 different nations take their place in the saddle, each card depicting their distinctive silks and caps, transporting you to racetracks across the world.
  • Artful Renditions: Each 1.5" x 2.75" card boasts exquisite chromolithography, showcasing the vibrant silks, detailed saddles, and dynamic poses of both jockeys and their steeds, making the set a visual spectacle for enthusiasts and art lovers alike.
  • Historical Snapshot: Explore a time when horse racing captivated audiences worldwide, reflecting the societal and cultural interests of the era.

Owning an 1888 N22 Racing Colors of the World card is owning a piece of equestrian history. Each card represents a nation, a jockey, and a moment in time, igniting curiosity about the sport's global heritage and the stories behind the silks.