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Welcome to, where the spirit of the iconic 1909-11 tobacco set thrives. We share vintage collectibles with others through our always rotating museum of inventory.

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About the 1909-11 T206 Card Set

In 1909 the American Tobacco Company (ATC) forever revolutionized sports cards with their release of the iconic 524-subject tobacco baseball card set. The label T206 was initially assigned to this set by collector Jefferson Burdick in his 1939 book, The United States Card Collectors Catalog.

Designed to support sales of tobacco, the cards were packaged within cigarette boxes and tobacco pouches and sold under a variety of brand names consolidated by the ATC. Extremely successful in their mission, they continued to produce the set over a three year period.

Today, the 1909-11 T206 tobacco card set is recognized as one of the most iconic and collectible sets in baseball history. It's vast checklist and wide array of back types, series, teams and leagues offer collectors several ways to collect. Commonly referred to as The Monster Set, it presents collectors a unique challenge to dive deep into the history of baseball and American tobacco cards.

For more information, read our Guide to Collecting T206 Baseball Cards.

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Founded in July, 2022, we have an office space in Santa Rosa, California and take in-person appointments. We would love to review your collection!

We prioritize taking care of the cards in our collection as well as our customers, practice fair trade and ethical business practices, and do our best to support other like-minded small businesses.

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About Justin Farber

Justin Farber began collecting cards as a child in the early 1990s, purchasing $0.25 mystery packs from a small town mall's hobby shop in rural South Dakota. Hooked, the obsession grew as he ultimately built 1953-1956 Topps sets and fell in love with the T206 set, amassing a collection of over 320 unique subjects.

Justin holds Bachelor degrees in Economics and Political Science from Pepperdine University, and an MBA from Quantic University. Justin spent over a decade in the workforce helping to develop ad tech solutions and managing multi-million dollar digital advertising campaigns for a variety of companies including Ford, Glad, and Marcus by Goldman Sachs.

In March 2023, Justin gladly resigned from his Associate Director role at a leading global ad agency, Dentsu. He is now dedicated to growing the T206 Cards business, and is currently focused on listing new products to the site and curating future vintage set breaks.

Justin also helps admin one of the largest and most active vintage trading cards groups on Facebook, VINTAGE CARDS - FIRE SALES - WAX - ESTATES - AUCTION HOUSE ⭐ 1860-1993.

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