Pedal Back in Time with Cycle-Back T206 Cards

Embark on a captivating ride through baseball's golden age with the distinctive Cycle backed T206 cards. These rare gems, featuring the iconic "Cycle Cigarettes" advertisement on their reverse, offer a unique blend of vintage allure, collector intrigue, and a touch of cycling history.

Uncover the Enduring Appeal:

  • Rare Harmony of Design and Rarity: Collect two distinct back variations: the 350 Subjects and the sought-after 460 Subjects, each boasting a captivating black ink design that sets them apart from their more common T206 counterparts. The 460 Series is notably more elusive celebrated for its rarity among collectors.
  • Bold Lettering, Timeless Appeal: Marvel at the captivating typography in black ink that sets Cycle backs apart. The way the first "C" in "Cycle" curls gracefully around the other letters is a testament to the artistry of early 20th-century advertising design, adding a visual rhythm to your collection.
  • Distinctive Scarcity: Owning a Cycle backed T206 card is a true collector's feat, with the Cycle advertising gracing only around 1% of all T206 cards. This rarity adds a sense of prestige and challenge to your collecting journey.

Owning a Cycle backed T206 card is owning one of the elusive treasures of the T206 set. So, dust off your vintage bicycle clips, channel your inner collector, and embark on a thrilling ride through these rare cards!