Old Judge

Old Judge

Journey to the Birthplace of Baseball Cards: Old Judge Tobacco Cards

Step into the hallowed halls of baseball card history with the captivating Old Judge series, the cornerstone upon which countless collecting dreams were built. Spanning various sets like the N90 Vehicles of the World and the N163 Dogs of the World, Old Judge captured the zeitgeist of a bygone era, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of collectible treasures.

More Than Just Baseball, Tangible History:

  • Pioneers of Cardboard: Immerse yourself in the 1886-1890 N172 set, widely considered the first comprehensive baseball card collection ever issued containing over 500 unique subjects. These unnumbered gems, measuring 1-7/16" by 2-1/2", transport you back to the golden age of the sport, offering a glimpse into the players, teams, and uniforms of a bygone era.
  • Beyond the Diamonds: While baseball reigns supreme, Old Judge cards were issued with a diverse offering of subjects. Discover the N90 Vehicles of the World series, featuring horse-drawn carriages and early automobiles, or delve into the fascinating world of the N163 Dogs of the World, showcasing various canine breeds in all their furry glory.
  • A Window into the Past: Each card offers a unique aesthetic experience. Imagine the excitement of early collectors unwrapping these cards, igniting a passion that continues to thrive over a century later.

Owning an Old Judge card is like holding a time capsule: it's a portal to a world where baseball was young, collecting was in its infancy, and the allure of capturing sporting moments and cultural phenomenons on cardboard ignited a timeless passion.