N8 50 Fish From American Waters

N8 50 Fish From American Waters

Dive into the Depths of History with the 1889 N8 50 Fish from American Waters Set

Experience the wonder of aquatic exploration with the captivating 1889 N8 "50 Fish from American Waters" set. These 50 vibrant trade cards, each measuring a mere 1.5" x 2.75", were more than just cigarette advertisements; they were miniature windows into the fascinating world of North American fish, captivating Victorian-era collectors young and old.

Unleash the Allure:

  • 50 Scales to Discover: From the majestic sturgeon and playful seahorse to the curious blowfish and razor-sharp sawfish, each card showcases a different finned marvel in stunning chromolithographic detail.
  • A Splash of History: These charming cards offer a glimpse into the late 19th century's growing fascination with marine biology and the burgeoning field of underwater illustration.
  • An Affordable Dive: Unlike pricier antique artifacts, these cards offer a budget-friendly way to own a piece of history and delve into the captivating world of vintage collectibles. Whether you're a seasoned ichthyologist or simply enthralled by the beauty of nature, the N8 set is a delightful entry point into the world of fish collecting.

Own a piece of aquatic wonder and spark your own sense of exploration with cards from the 1889 N8 50 Fish from American Waters" set. Collect them all, build your own miniature aquarium, and experience the timeless beauty of these underwater treasures.