Ogden's Cigarettes

Ogden's Cigarettes

Unlock Early 20th Century Britain with Ogden's Tobacco Cards

Uncover a forgotten treasure trove with Ogden's Cigarettes cards, a captivating window into early 20th century British life. These historic collectibles, produced by the Ogden's Tobacco Company based out of Liverpool before World War I, offer a glimpse into popular culture, sports, and historical figures of the era.

  • A Kaleidoscope of Themes: Ogden's produced a diverse range of sets, from the famed "Guinea Gold" series featuring royalty and global leaders to the action-packed "Famous Footballers" showcasing sporting legends. There's a set to pique every collector's interest.
  • Beyond the Pitch: Sports may be a highlight, but Ogden's cards delve deeper. Unearth sets dedicated to historical figures, military uniforms, faraway lands, and even whimsical characters, offering a unique perspective on the public's imagination.
  • The Thrill of the Hunt: Ogden's vast range of themed sets offer something for everyone. Look for unique variations and unexpected non-sport subjects to build a collection rich in historical and cultural intrigue.

Own a Piece of British History Ogden's Cigarette cards offer a captivating glimpse into British life, tastes, and cultural touchstones of the early 20th century. Explore the captivating world of cards produced by the Ogden's Tobacco Company and discover a forgotten chapter in Liverpool history. Unearth hidden gems, delve into diverse themes, and add a touch of historical intrigue to your collection.