About Us

About strives to become the premier online store for collectors of vintage baseball and tobacco cards. Shop our wide and always growing selection of collectibles including individual cards and exciting breaks, innovative storage and display solutions, and gorgeous larger-than-life prints of your favorite tobacco cards. Founded in July, 2022, we are rapidly growing and developing relationships with collectors, dealers and supply vendors. Contact us if you're interested in connecting.

We've also partnered with a print shop owner of over 30 years to offer industry clients and collectors unique and high quality custom print products. Our product catalog of print products is currently in development, and will service dealers of collectibles, breakers and hobbyists at large. We will offer a wide variety of custom print products perfectly suited to promote your sports collectibles business. 

About Justin

Justin Farber began collecting cards as a child in the early 1990s, purchasing $0.25 mystery packs from a small town mall's hobby shop in rural South Dakota. At that same mall during a trade show at the age of 12, he purchased his first vintage trading cards from a local dealer including a 1953 Topps #17 Billy Hitchcock card that remains in his collection today. Hooked, the obsession grew as he ultimately built 1953-1956 Topps sets and fell in love with the T206 set, amassing a collection of over 300 unique subjects.

A graduate of Pepperdine University and Quantic University's EMBA program, Justin spent over a decade in the workforce managing multi-million dollar advertising digital advertising campaigns for a variety of brands. Eager to dedicate more of his waking hours to the hobby, the vision for took form during the Spring of 2022.