1954 Topps Complete Set Break #4 - One Spot

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  • The SGC 5 1954 Topps Hank Aaron RC!
  • Iconic HOF RCs of Al Kaline & Ernie Banks
  • Key HOF 1954 Topps Cards including Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays and Ted Williams
  • Tom Lasorda's RC, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra and Larry Doby
  • Gorgeous 1954 Topps cards of Monte Irvin, Duke Snider, Warren Spahn and Hoyt Wilhelm
  • Gil Hodges, Phil Rizzuto,  Earle Combs and Ed Mathews
  • High grade and autographed 1954 Topps HOF Cards
  • The complete set with all 104 graded cards! All raw cards are in new Card Saver 1s

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About the Set
The 1954 Topps checklist contains 250 cards and is loaded with Hall of Famers, including iconic rookie cards of Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks, Al Kaline and Tom Lasorda. Other notable cards include Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Yogi Berra and the Ted Williams bookends (#1 & #250).
This set is VG-EX overall and includes a total of 104 graded cards. All Hall of Fame cards are graded. Compared to our last 1954 Topps Break, this break features much nicer key rookie cards and over twice the number of graded cards!
Review the full checklist with conditions of each card.
  • SGC 5 Hank Aaron HOF RC
  • SGC 4 Al Kaline HOF RC
  • SGC 2 Ernie Banks HOF RC
  • SGC 4 Jackie Robinson
  • PSA 3 Willie Mays
  • SGC 3 Ted Williams #1
  • PSA 3 Ted Williams #250
  • SGC 4.5 Tom Lasorda HOF RC
  • SGC 5 Yogi Berra
  • SGC 4 Larry Doby
  • SGC 5.5 Whitey Ford
  • SGC 4.5 Warren Spahn
  • PSA 4 Phil Rizzuto
  • SGC 5 Hoyt Wilhelm
  • SGC 3.5 Monte Irvin
  • PSA 4 Richie Ashburn
  • A total of 104 cards slabbed by PSA, SGC, CSG and BVG
How it Works
For those not familiar with randomized set breaks, participants purchase a spot which guarantees them one random card from the set.
After we fill, the list will be randomized and each spot will be assigned a random card from the set. A spot will hit the Aaron RC, a spot hit the Banks RC, etc.
We use the randomizer with 2 dice with a 9 roll minimum, and have a trusted third party video runner run it for us live. It will be performed by a trusted video runner and streamed live in the Facebook Group and on our YouTube Channel. A video recording and randomizer results are posted immediately after results are completed.
Skunk Protection
All spots that hit raw cards in the main break will be entered into a separate, second randomizer run that will run the day after the main break.
Fifteen spots will win additional prizes in the Skunk Production draw! Specifically:
  • The top spot hits the pictured PSA 4 1955 Topps #2 Ted Williams card!
  • Spot 2 wins an additional PSA 3 1954 Topps #250 Ted Williams card!
  • Spots 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 will each receive a Spot in the upcoming 1986 Fleer Basketball Break featuring a BGS 8.5 #57 Jordan RC! ($125 value each)
  • And finally, Spots 8-15 will each receive $30 credit to use on the site on single cards or future breaks!
In continued observance of Veteran's Day, this time the prizes feature HOF + WWII & Korean War Veteran Ted Williams.
Skunk Protection Prizes for 1954 Topps Break
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