Art by Sam Herder

T206 Honus Wagner by Sam Herder - Canvas Print

  • T206 Honus Wagner by Sam Herder print on framed canvas
  • T206 Honus Wagner - Sam Herder Signature
  • T206 Honus Wagner by Sam Herder print from below
  • T206 Honus Wagner by Sam Herder nameplate
  • T206 Honus Wagner by Sam Herder face closeup


This original artwork by hobby artist Sam Herder depicts the iconic and elusive 1909-1910 T206 card of legendary Honus Wagner. Part of Mr. Herder's ongoing series depicting the most iconic T206 cards, this piece hightlights the iconic design of the hobby's most important tobacco set in amazing clarity.

While most collectors will never own an authentic T206 Honus Wagner, that doesn't stop us from appreciating the card or dreaming.

Stunningly larger than life, exclusively offered here are high quality framed canvas prints that allow you to appreciate the set in a whole new way. Simply choose your preferred size and frame color, and your custom print will ship out the next day.

About the Artist

Minneapolis-based, Sam Herder has always had a passion for both baseball and fine art. At a young age he could constantly be found either on the diamond or drawing portraits of players from his favorite baseball cards. This hobby of practice continued through high school and into his college career as an Art and Design Major at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

After rediscovering the incredibly vast world of vintage sports cards, he was mesmerized by the beautiful artwork and portraits contained within original card designs. Pairing his passions once again, Sam is now leveraging his refined skills to produce gorgeous original oil paintings of some of the hobby's most iconic cards.

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