T113 Types of Nations

T113 Types of Nations

Explore a World of Cultures with T113 Types of All Nations Tobacco Cards (1910)

The T113 Types of All Nations tobacco card set provides a captivating window into diverse cultures and traditions from the early 20th century. Issued in 1910 by the American Tobacco Company, this unique set offers a compelling blend of history, anthropology, and vintage charm.

A Glimpse into Global Diversity:

  • 50 Colorful Portraits: Immerse yourself in the vibrant attire and captivating faces of men from across the globe, each representing their country or region through their traditional garments.
  • Evolving World: Discover historical names like Siam (now Thailand) and appreciate the changing tapestry of global identities.

Beyond the Faces:

  • Informative Backs: Dive deeper into each culture with detailed descriptions on the card backs, offering insights into geography, customs, and historical context.
  • Tobacco Branding Bonanza: Collect a variety of backs featuring advertisements for different tobacco brands, adding an extra layer of intrigue for collectors.
  • Affordable Adventure: Compared to pricier sports card sets, T113 cards offer a budget-friendly way to embark on a historical and cultural journey.

Each T113 Types of All Nations card represents a unique culture, a fascinating story, and a reminder of our shared humanity. So, embark on your own global adventure today and let the T113 set guide you through a captivating mosaic of human diversity.